The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Spot

Watch the Extended Trailer Now

February 5, 2012 by

Unlike last year’s Super Bowl that featured multiple first looks at upcoming summer blockbusters in 2011, this year’s commercials during the big game consisted of spots showing what previous trailers have already shown. Surprisingly, The Dark Knight Rises didn’t even make an appearance, which is strange considering one of the biggest scenes that was teased in the last trailer involved the destruction of a field at a football game.

The only trailer worth talking about was the new spot for The Avengers, which showed off more action and the Avengers finally assembling in a circular Micheal Bay-type of shot. In case you took a bathroom break and missed it or just didn’t watch Super Bowl XLVI, you can check out the HD extended version below, which has Loki’s army and a Hulk.