Starhawk Beta and Release Dates Announced

Find Out When You Can Play the Best Multiplayer Game of E3 2011

January 19, 2012 by

Despite never getting into Warhawk, the sequel to 2005’s PlayStation 3 exclusive instantly won me over at E3 back in June, so much so that we gave it our Best Multiplayer of E3 2011 award and have been dying to get our hands on it ever since also making it our Most Anticipated (Multiplayer) Game of 2012. After months of a private beta, Lightbox Interactive has finally started the public beta and has announced the release date for Starhawk on May 8, 2012 (just one day after my birthday — thanks Lightbox! :)).

The open Starhawk beta will be released in waves for those looking to finally get their hands on the game: January 17 (PS+ Members and Private Beta Testers), January 31 (those with vouchers from purchasing Uncharted 3), February 7 (GameStop, Facebook, and PSN promotions), February 14 (IGN promotion), February 21 (beta opens to everyone via the PlayStation Network). Right now those with beta access can play either team deathmatch or capture the flag on maps named “Scourge” or “Space.” Check out our E3 preview of Starhawk for more info about playing CTF on Scourge.