South Park: The Game Officially Announced

Game Informer Reveals the Kid's Return on Consoles

December 2, 2011 by

Most gamers would agree that the best episode of South Park was season 10’s epic “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” The episode was not only funny and entertaining, but very accurate, featuring tons of actual World of Warcraft terminology that only players of the game would understand, proving that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker know a thing or two about video games. In its early days, South Park had a first-person shooter (’98’s South Park) and a kart-racer (2000’s South Park Rally). More recently South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! was offered as a downloadable game and scored far better with critics.

While there have been a bunch of South Park games over the years, none has ever been a massive hit like the show or the movie. Now, Stone and Parker are bringing the series back to the gaming world with a full-scale RPG set for release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has more details with the game being on January’s cover. So far little is known about the game besides that you’ll be able to play as the new kid in South Park with the ability to make friends and defend the town from a wide range of threats. Check out pictures of the latest Game Informer cover below, which seems to feature some sort of half man, half bear, half pig monster that you’ll most likely have to save the town from… it looks super awesome… I’m super serious!