Sony’s Week Ruined by PSN Crash

PS3 Exclusive 'SOCOM 4' Released without Multiplayer Available

April 22, 2011 by

With last Tuesday being one of the biggest video game release dates in history, gamers were only left with two questions: “Which games should I buy?” and “What system should I get them for?” There was something new for everyone, no matter what system a gamer owned. Portal 2 was released for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and featured great first-person puzzle solving action no matter the system.

SOCOM 4 on the other hand was released exclusively for the PlayStation 3, so gamers looking to get their modern war shooter fix, had to go PlayStation 3. The only other option was the latest Mortal Kombat game which was available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In addition to having a controller that is universally accepted as better for fighting games, PlayStation 3’s version of MK includes Kratos from the God of War series as a playable character, making the PS3 version the clear choice with Xbox 360 having an inferior d-pad controller and no extra playable characters.

And while it may have seemed that PlayStation 3 would win the sales war for the week on April 22, Sony has once again dropped the ball. This time with their online gaming service the PlayStation Network. Anyone with a PlayStation 3 who has tried to go online over the past couple days has experienced an issue where they are unable to connect their PlayStation 3 to the internet, and as a result are unable to access online gaming.

Yep, on one of the biggest weeks for PlayStation 3 exclusives, their online network has gone down… So while PS3 fanboys are boasting about their exclusives, 360 fanboys are actually playing their games online with friends. Hopefully, Sony will get their act together and bring the servers back up over the weekend so I can finally play some SOCOM 4 online, until then, it’s Portal 2 on the 360 for me.