Rocket League Adding Basketball

New 'Hoops' Mode Announced by Developer

April 20, 2016 by

We’ve loved Rocket League ever since hearing of the concept, so to see the little game at E3 with just a single small demo unit grow into one of the top played games of the past year has been just as exciting to watch as playing the lovable car soccer game.

With the overwhelming success of the game, the developers have had their hands full working on updates over the past year and have even had some surprising movie-themed content tie-ins such as Back to the Future and Batman v Superman car packs.

But today’s announcement from Psyonix was the biggest surprise yet… Rocket League is adding a brand new FREE basketball mode that replaces the goals with hoops. Focusing on the game’s most challenging mechanic of getting and staying high in the air using each vehicle’s boosters, the new Hoops mode is certainly going to be a new challenge which experienced players are sure to accept.

And just like the other tie-ins, Rocket League will be having officially licensed NBA team flags as separate premium DLC for players who want to support their team while dunking on their opponents.

The Rocket League: Hoops “Dunk House” map will be unlocking on April 25, 2016’s update for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.