RoboCop Viral Reveals ED-209

OmniCorp Campaign Shows Off New Tech and Teases RoboCop

July 10, 2012 by

With the Total Recall remake set for release in less than a month and its viral marketing campaign in full swing, another one of Paul Verhoeven’s classics that’s getting the reboot treatment is having its viral campaign started. In preparation for its release next summer, the upcoming RoboCop remake from relatively unknown director José Padilha (The Elite Squad) has begun its very early viral marketing campaign for the film, which will star Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugh Laurie.

Like Total Recall, the film looks to not be a complete copy, and those who can remember the original RoboCop will note that in the video below OmniCorp is suggesting RC-2000 aka RoboCop’s production is already in progress before the ED-209’s release, whereas in the original, RoboCop’s cyborg program was the result of the ED-209 malfunctioning and killing an OCP junior executive during its initial demonstration.

The end of the viral video teases that the RC-2000 will be revealed soon, and with Comic-Con starting at the end of this week, it’s likely that we could get that reveal then (if not, at least some more teasers and information). Along with the video below you can check out the OmniCorp website for extra viral content in the future, which OmniCorp assures in their video that they’ve “got under control.” RoboCop is set for release August 9, 2013.