PlanetSide 2 Alpha Trailer

Highlights from the 299 Player Gameplay

March 30, 2012 by

With FPS and MMORPGs becoming the most popular game genres in the world, it’s surprising that we don’t see more shooters mashed up with MMO elements that allow for larger scale battles than the standard max of around 8, 16, 32, or rarely 64 players that most popular shooters use. In 2003, Sony Online Entertainment released the massively popular MMOFPS PlanetSide, which allowed players to fight in gigantic battles consisting of 299 players in an open world environment.

Thankfully, there’s a reemergence of MMOFPS games after Sony successfully launched MAG exclusively on the PlayStation 3 two years ago, which allowed for 256 players to fight in epic matches. Now, seven years after its debut and with improved technology much better suited for the idea, the PlanetSide series is making its comeback with a new free-to-play format that will once again allow hundreds of players to battle as three warring factions in a massive ever-changing world. Check out more details and the latest gameplay trailer for SOE’s upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS, PlanetSide 2, below:

PlanetSide 2 is an epic MMOFPS game that offers a truly competitive and visceral FPS experience with massive warfare, massive customization and massive community. In this video Sony Online Entertainment Creative Director Matt Higby walks through some of PlanetSide 2’s Alpha highlights from the most recent gameplay demo including examples of air combat, vehicle combat, infantry combat and an overview of maps and environments on the alien planet of Auraxis.