Paul (2011)Extra Scenes During the Credits

Movie Details

In Theaters: March 18, 2011
On Video: August 9, 2011
Director(s): Greg Mottola
Genre(s): Comedy, Sci-Fi
Production Co.: Big Talk Prods., Working Title
Distributor(s): Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating: R
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: 2.5 out of 5
Running Time: 104 minutes
Credits Running Time: 8 minutes

During the Credits

There are extra scenes that start almost immediately during the credits of Paul. They are interspersed among objects from the film and photos and sketches of the principal cast during the first three minutes of the credits.

The extra scenes occur two years later with Graeme and Clive back at Comic-Con. The first bit shows them bumping into some fans, dressed as orcs, who recognize them and who shake their hands. The next bit shows them taking a photo with a large group of fans cosplaying as Princess Leia. Then, somebody dressed as bounty hunter Boushh approaches and greets Graeme and Clive. Graeme says, “Sorry, who are you?” Ruth reveals herself by taking off her helmet and responds, “Someone who loves you.” Graeme takes her hand and says, “Hey, I thought you were coming as Wonder Woman today.” In the next bit, Adam Shadowchild introduces Graeme and Clive as “the team behind this year’s multi-Nebulon award-winning bestseller.” Shadowchild continues in the next part, “By the way, these are friends of mine.” Offstage, Clive tells Graeme, “I’m very proud of you, Graeme.” Graeme says, “I’m very proud of you, Sausage.” They hug. In the next part, Ruth asks Pat Stevens (the waitress), “Pat Stevens? Like Pat Stevens from Chapter One?” Pat answers, “The very same.” Ruth says, “I always pictured you taller.” Their conversation continues in the next part when Pat says, “I didn’t realize you were so damn pretty.” Ruth says, “You should me out of these crazy clothes.” Pat smiles and says, “I’d like that.” Ruth smiles back at first but when she realizes that Pat is serious, she says, “I can’t.” In the next parts, Shadowchild continues, “I understand apparently they are citing me as the…” He then notices an offstage convention worker signal for him to hurry up and says, “Well, fuck, I, you know…” and finally introduces Graeme and Clive, who come out to a standing ovation and shake Shadowchild’s hand. Pat hugs Ruth. The background of the stage reveals that their creation is entitled “Paul”. Amongst the fans is Agent O’Reilly, who apparently survived the explosion but has a badly burned face now. He calls out their names and yells, “I know those guys!” Graeme and Ruth blow kisses to each other. Clive acknowledges a fan dressed up as an Ewok, who faints in response to this shared moment. The cover of their comic book “Paul” (with the tagline “Sometimes it’s Nice to Feel a Little Alien”) is revealed with Clive as the writer and Graeme as the illustrator.

There are no other extras during the remaining five minutes of the credits.

After the Credits

There are no extras after the credits of Paul.

Songs During the Credits

“All Over the World” by Electric Light Orchestra
Excerpts from OST by David Arnold

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