NFL Blitz Returning This January

Get Ready for a Blitz Reboot on PSN and XBL, Baby!

October 19, 2011 by

January 3, 2012. Mark that day on your calendars arcade football fans. Because besides the world ending, the new year will bring the return of one of the most iconic sports series of all time, NFL Blitz. That’s right, the over-the-top, completely unrealistic, completely awesome 7-on-7 arcade football game is finally coming back with high-definition graphics on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. NFL Blitz will only be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live via download, which means it will be far less expensive than the cost of a full game at around $15 and still give you everything you could want in a full NFL Blitz remake.

Unlike the recent wave of Blitz games, EA has access to the NFL rights, hence why the “NFL” name is back in the title and why the Blitz series will finally see the return of actual real NFL teams and players (thank god). While the graphics and multiplayer features have been updated, the core gameplay looks to remain the same with all the same animations, playbooks, and features… and that’s all we’ve ever wanted in a new NFL Blitz game on 7th-generation systems. Plus you can play as a team made up of freakin’ Bigfoots, Robots, Zombies, and who knows what else! Check out the official launch trailer for the new NFL Blitz below.