New Server

We've Transfered to a Faster VPS

March 11, 2011 by

After being on the same shared hosting server for years and finally getting fed up with the slow load times, it’s official, we’ve finally transferred over to a big boy server. We’re now on a virtual private server which means we’re no longer sharing a server with other sites that can steal our bandwidth and slow our site down. MovieStinger pages now load almost instantly and we no longer get 404 or 500 errors. Our apologies to anybody who had problems loading our pages in the past due to slow response times, trust me, we feel ya. We’re constantly trying to do everything we can to make the site as user-friendly as possible and our new server is a huge upgrade that will be able to handle our larger audience of viewers as we continue to grow.

  • Johndowns

    I wish there was a “Contact Us” button, so that I can send my comments about the site etc… straight to you, plus a formal “Login” just for this site, so I could register here and the site would know me for future comments, submissions etc…

    • Hey John, there actually is a “Contact Us” button that allows you to do just what you asked. It’s located under “About” in the navigation menu. And for comments, you can sign up with Disqus which will track your comments and give you a profile. We use Disqus as apposed to our own login at the moment because it allows for people with Disqus accounts to use those accounts when they’re on other sites that use Disqus too. Thanks for the input.