‘Modern Warfare 3’ to $1B Faster Than ‘Avatar’

Activision's 'Call of Duty' Video Game Beats James Cameron's Box Office King by 1 Day

December 12, 2011 by

According to Activision, James Cameron is no longer the “king of the world” when it comes to one entertainment record. The publisher of the polarizing but popular blockbuster juggernaut Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 announced today that the game’s sales crossed the $1 billion mark in 16 days, whereas the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar, took 17 days.

It’s just another record Activision can brag about in addition to claiming the biggest entertainment launch ever last month, but keep in mind that while Avatar enjoyed a monetary boost from the trendy 3D format, the price of a $14 movie ticket pales in comparison to the $60 plus tax shelled out for a video game like Modern Warfare 3, or the $100 plus tax for its Hardened Edition.