Microsoft’s First Look at Halo Infinite on Their Next-Gen Project Scarlett Console at E3 2019

Turns out the latest in the series won’t be featuring Battle Royale as many thought after last year’s brief teaser.

June 20, 2019 by

With Sony completely skipping this year’s E3, Microsoft had the opportunity to reveal their new console and easily steal the show by teasing next-gen games a full year before the next PlayStation announcement.

After last year’s Halo Infinite teaser lead to more questions than answers, many were left speculating that the next installment in the series could be a battle royale game. Microsoft then only made things more confusing by saying that the teaser shown wasn’t actually Halo Infinite and rather just showcasing the power of 343’s new “Slipspace Engine” technology that they’ll be using for the next Halo game.

At this year’s show, Microsoft finally revealed a first look at “gameplay” that was really just a cutscene and a bit slower than expected. Ultimately, from what we saw, it didn’t do much to promote Project Scarlett as the next must-have console.

Visually, Halo Infinite certainly looks like an upgrade from the previous games in the series (as it should being on a brand new system). But with a whole year passing since last year’s teaser that didn’t show anything, we were hoping to get some exciting first-person action this year… that wasn’t the case, and instead Microsoft chose to debut an emotional scene from the game that focused on the return of Master Chief.

There’s still plenty of time before Halo Infinite‘s Holiday 2020 launch alongside Microsoft’s new console, so expect a lot more in terms of details and gameplay at next year’s E3 when the console wars heat up again.