MediaStinger™ Officially Launched!

September 11, 2011 by

Welcome to the all new MediaStinger.com! It’s no secret that we here at MediaStinger are huge fans of video games. When looking at our Coming Soon section I can honestly say that I’m way more excited for all the future video game releases over the next few months than I am for the movies. Because of our passion for everything gaming we felt the need for a change. The name “MovieStinger” limited our site’s growth and put less of a emphasis on gaming. That’s not to say that we think anything less of movies, but video games are just as important as movies to us, which is why we’ve decided to launch MediaStinger, the same site but with a 50/50 focus on both movies and video games.

Although the core site has not changed, we’ve introduced a ton of new features. Our site’s navigation has been updated to help browsing the site for movies and games easier than ever. More importantly, the main site now features a mix of movies and games, but if you just want to use MediaStinger for one or the other you can use the MediaStinger: Movies and MediaStinger: Games portals to do so. Say you just came to our site before for movie information. You can still get the exact same experience by visiting the Movies portal instead of the homepage. But our video game coverage is really good too, so you’ll want to also check that out, especially when we cover big events like E3. 🙂

In addition to a new name and updates to the design of the site, we’ve also launched our newest Actors feature. Now whenever you visit an actor or actress’ page (like Seth Rogen or Jennifer Aniston) you can see a brief bio and image of them with all the latest news involving them. Actor pages can easily be accessed by clicking on their names listed under any main movie or video game pages. Keep in mind that the Actors feature is a soft launch and still in the early stages of development. We haven’t been able to update as many bios as we would have liked to for its launch due to our database having thousands of actors and our primary focus over the past few months being the launch of MediaStinger, but soon every actor will have more detailed information on their page.

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Thanks again for all the love and support,
Paul Curtin
Founder, Webmaster, and Editor