Mass Effect 3 Debut Trailer

World Premiere from Spike's 2010 Video Game Awards

December 11, 2010 by

Three weeks ago a mysterious image was teased via Bioware’s Twitter feed. The image appeared to be from the Mass Effect universe and many believed it was hinting that a new game was in the works. But the real question was whether the new game was going to be a part of the Mass Effect series or a completely new franchise.

Tonight at Spike’s Video Game Awards, Bioware made it pretty clear when they released the official trailer for Mass Effect 3 which features both the soldier from the screenshot and Commander Shepard. Just like Arkham City‘s trailer, it’s all pre-rendered cinematic scenes, but it looks good… hard to tell if it’s computer generated or real life footage good. Mass Effect 2 was our choice for 2010’s Game of the Year award and we can’t wait for the third and final installment in the series which is set for release during the holidays next year. Check out the Mass Effect 3 trailer below.