Lollipop Chainsaw (2012)Alternate Extra Scenes After the Credits

Game Details

Release Date: June 12, 2012
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer(s): Grasshopper Manufacture
Actor(s): N/A
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
ESRB: M for Mature
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: N/A
Game Length: N/A
Credits Length: 9 minutes

During the Credits

Drawings of Juliet and the other main characters from the game are shown running past a constant revolving background with locations from the game during the credits of Lollipop Chainsaw.

After the Credits

There are two different comic book-style endings after the credits that can be shown depending on how many students your safe or let die. Check out massive spoilers and more details regarding both alternate endings below.

If you let too many students die, then the extra scene after the credits shows Juliet and the rest of her friends returning to her house where they’re greeted by her mom whose back is turned to them. Juliet introduces hey boyfriend Nick to her mom who turns around to reveal that she’s now a zombie. Juliet’s mom is shown holding an severed arm and tells everyone to “Come on in. Time for dinner! And by “dinner” … I mean YOU.” The scene fades to black as Juliet’s mom lunges towards the camera and Juliet and her friends can be heard screaming. The word “Fin” is then shown.

If you save enough students, then the same extra scene after the credits if shown with Juliet and her friends returning to her house. This time, however, once Juliet introduces Nick, her mom turns around to reveal a birthday cake that she’s been baking for Juliet. Everyone then sits down to eat cake and Nick gives Juliet a box containing roses as a present. The word “Fin” is again shown as the scene fades to black.

After either of the two endings there are popup notifications letting the player know that various new modes and items have been unlocked. Beating the game by saving enough students and getting the true/good ending also rewards the player with the “Congratulations! Happy Birthday!” achievement or trophy.

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