Homefront: The Revolution Announcement Trailer

CryTek reveals a first look at the sequel and teases gameplay at E3.

June 3, 2014 by

We’re still a week away from E3 and big name triple-A titles are already being announced by developers and publishers to try and get the word out before even bigger announcements hit… without question, this year’s E3 is going to be huge.

Today, CryTek revealed one of the games they’ll be showing off next week, Homefront: The Revolution:

Years after the Greater Korean Republic’s invasion, the United States is occupied, but not defeated. Ignite the second American Revolution from the birthplace of American Liberty itself: Philadelphia. Homefront: The Revolution will be available in 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In the stunning visual trailer, we’re shown no actual gameplay and instead a cinematic that is reminiscent of the infamous Killzone 2 trailer from E3 2005. Considering how good CryTek games always look and that the first game’s multiplayer was great, there’s a lot of excitement around CryTek and Deep Silver saving the franchise after THQ went bankrupt and keeping the series alive. It’ll be interesting to see what the actual gameplay looks like next week and find out if it lives up to this trailer.