Heroes of Newerth Discounted

On Sale for Only $10 Until March 27th

March 24, 2011 by

Are you still playing Defense of the Ancients? Can’t decide if the transition from DotA to Heroes of Newerth is worth it? Well the creators of HoN (S2 Games) are making the decision easy for you. Up until March 27, 2011, when purchased from the the official website, Heroes of Newerth is being discounted from its normal $30 price tag to only $10. That’s right, for the price of what would get you DLC in another game, you can get the full version of Heroes of Newerth right now for only ten dollars. Click here to get get HoN at its special discounted price.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about or what DotA and HoN are: Heroes of Newerth is a stand-alone PC game created by S2 Games and based off of the wildly popular Warcraft III mod known as Defense of the Ancients or DotA. Being a user-created mod on a 10-year-old graphics engine, DotA was limited to how far it could truly evolve. That’s where S2 Games came in and took the idea of DotA and copied every aspect of it (even down to the exact same prices of items within the game) and re-built the game on a better graphics engine. But they didn’t stop there, they also introduced tons of huge improvements that could never be possible in DotA like player statistics, the ability to reconnect to games after losing a connection, and more.

In addition to launching the game with tons of new features, S2 Games has continued to add new characters, items, and ideas that easily make the game worth its current ten dollar price tag. S2 Games also just released Heroes of Newerth 2.0 a couple months ago which introduced the map maker and store where you can buy taunts, new announcer voices like John St. John (Duke Nukem), and different character skins. Check out the trailer for HoN 2.0 below and go to the official HoN site to get the game for ten dollars until March 27, 2011.