BioShock Creator Working on New Twilight Zone Show

Ken Levine reported to write and direct pilot for CBS' TV-Game project.

April 24, 2016 by

Mind-bending BioShock designer, Ken Levine, is being reported as the writer and director for a new Twilight Zone pilot that’s said to mix TV and gaming in a new interactive format.

Levine, who took a hiatus from the gaming industry after BioShock Infinite to work on the script to the new Logan’s Run film is allegedly working with CBS to revive Rod Sterling’s iconic sci-fi series for a new generation who thinks of teen wolves and vampires when they hear the word “Twilight.”

The company Interlude will also be playing a part in the new choose-your-own way project which could involve technology similar to the interactive Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone” video they created back in 2013 which allowed viewers to flip through channels that included different TV characters lip-syncing to Dylan’s song.

The idea of mixing TV and video games is nothing new, however, projects such as Defiance on the SyFy channel and more recently Microsoft’s Quantum Break have been met with very mixed reviews and both failed to stand out as revolutionary new entertainment experiences. So it’ll be interesting what Levine and Interlude can do to honor Sterling’s legacy by pushing the medium forward in new ways just as he did back in the ’60s.