Annabelle: Creation (2017)Extra Scenes During and After the Credits

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In Theaters: August 11, 2017
On Video: N/A
Director(s): David F. Sandberg
Genre(s): Horror
Production Co.: New Line Cinema
Distributor(s): Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: R
Website(s): Official Site
Our Review: N/A
Running Time: 109 minutes
Credits Running Time: N/A

During the Credits

There is an extra scene during the credits of Annabelle: Creation.

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In the extra scene during the credits, Annabelle is shown in a room with pages from the Bible nailed around the room. As the camera slowly focuses on her face, she swiftly turns her head to face the audience as the screen cuts to black.

After the Credits

There is a stinger after the credits of Annabelle: Creation with a returning character from The Conjuring franchise.

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In the second extra scene, the Nun from The Conjuring 2 is revealed at a church in Romania.

Special thanks to Saran Srimee and a.a. for the stinger submissions!

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  • a.a

    There is a scene during credit and another one after credits. As the director said in tweeter, already release in Indonesia, so I already watched it today 😉

  • S.s

    What trailers played before the movie ?

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